Getting the best out of Snapchat app

Each and every single day, close to 400 million pictures and short videos are uploaded to Snapchat – and industry experts estimate that this number is going to get much closer to half a billion uploads per day very, very soon.

If you are a big fan of the Snapchat social media platform (and today who isn’t) you’ll want to be sure that you are getting the very most out of this application – and that means taking advantage of the same kind of tips, tricks, and tools that Snapchat “power users” leverage every single time they send a message out.

Here are some helpful hints, tips, strategies, and tools you’ll want to make the most of the next time that you use Snapchat!

Edit your photos using other apps, like MSQRD, besides what Snapchat app has to offer

Even though Snapchat makes it really, really easy to edit your own photos that you take with the Snapchat platform, if you’re really looking to make a big splash visually with the content that you point out you’re going to want to do more level best to edit your photographs and videos with a professional great piece of software before you upload them to Snapchat.

These kinds of tools are less expensive today than they have ever been before, with some of the very best editing solutions available on the planet 100% free of charge. Take the time to edit your photos and your videos outside of Snapchat and you make a big impression almost immediately.

Make the most of smart and visual filters

If, on the other hand, you want to be able to fire off some pretty amazing Snapchat photographs using the built-in filters that Snapchat makes available you want to be sure that you have enabled Smart Filters and Visual Filters.

Both of these styles of filters are going to intelligently recognize the subject of the content that is being captured, find ways to improve the quality of the image or the video, and then automatically apply intelligent filters “behind the scenes” to help improve the quality of the content that you post.

You will always be in complete and total control of the “finished product” when you use these filters in Snapchat, but these tools make it a lot easier to produce visually stunning content every time you upload.

Increase the font size on your captions

Even if you have to sacrifice some of the “real estate” that your image is going to take up in the background, you’ll want to boost the font size on your captions up as large as you possibly can.

Not only is this going to make the text that you put over your images or videos instantly more readable, but it’s also going to capture a lot more attention when people are flipping through they are Snapchat feed.

With so many people posting content to Snapchat on a daily basis it’s almost impossible to capture attention on the images you upload alone. By pairing that content with intelligent captions with big text you are able to grab a lot more attention than you ever would have been able to with visual content alone.

At the end of the day, hopefully these tips and tricks help you make the very most of everything that Snapchat brings to the table. This is already one of the world’s most popular online social media platforms and mobile applications available right now, and it’s only going to get more popular and more exciting as we move forward.

The information above in this quick guide will help you become a Snapchat power user faster than you ever would have thought possible!

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