How You Can Find Celebrities on Snapchat

With over 200 million users globally, Snapchat has emerged as one of the most powerful messaging apps today. It is no longer a hangout for the young generation as previously thought. Leading brands, politicians, and celebrities are already using Snapchat to engage with an ever-growing audience of apps users. Famous celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kate Hudson, DJ Khaled, the Kardashians, Rihanna, Ryan Seacrest, Gigi Hadid, Justin Bieber, and many more use Snapchat regularly to share their special moments. All it takes to follow these celebs is to know their Snapchat usernames and you will be good to go.

Following celebrities on Facebook and Twitter has become old news as everyone important is now on Snapchat. Chances are that all your KIK friends including the KIK girls or boys you chat with are on Snapchat already. It is a cool platform where you can get a peek into the lives of your favorite idols. Adding celebrities when you know their Snapchat username is quite easy. Simply go to the photo-taking screen, tap the Snapchat ghost icon. On the Add Friends, choose Add by username, enter the celebrity’s Snapchat username, tap Add and it’ll be added instantly.
However, despite all the cool things about Snapchat, finding famous people’s Snapchat usernames or even their KIK usernames can be quite difficult. Adding celebrities and other social influencers whose Snapchat usernames you don’t know is not as easy as adding your Snapchat friends from your phonebook.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Snapchat does not provide you with recommended people to follow based on those you already follow. You’ve got to do the grunt work of finding your favorite celebrities’ usernames on your own.
Fortunately, finding famous celebrities on Snapchat is not an impossible task.

Here are a few ways you can use to add just about every famous celebrity:

Getting celebrities’ usernames from the Official Stories page
You can easily find famous people via Official Stories. This is a section with stories from organizations and people who have already been verified by Snapchat. Stories are about legit individuals, not some fake impostors. The stories are shown by an Emoji you’ll see next to the person’s username on the right side of your feed.
So, how do you find celebrities using Official Stories? After you open the app, swipe to the left once and you’ll be on the Stories screen. Drag the screen slowly from top to bottom until you come to a search bar with a search glass. Enter the single word “Official” and tap search. You’ll get a list of all the Official Stories where you can preview each story and if you like the famous person, simply tap the +Add button located next to the person’s name.
Keep in mind that the Official search results keep on changing every time on a daily basis. The stories are featured as they are posted. You may or may not come across a story by your favorite celeb.

Adding celebrities using Emoji symbols
You can also rely on Emoji symbols to find celebrities on Snapchat. All you need to do is to type the Emoji symbol in Snapchat’s search bar. For instance, when you type the Emoji of a skull, you’ll get Halsey. Emojis may not be an easy way of tracking or finding celebrities but they are fun to play with while searching for famous people, teams, and leagues.

Using the Add Friends page to find celebrities
You can still use the Add Friends page to find your favorite celebrities and add them on Snapchat. Once you have the app open, swipe down the camera app and then tap Add Friends. Go to Add by Username and then type “official”. You’ll then be shown the latest 20 Official Stories from users who have been verified as legit. You can then add them by tapping the Add+ button next to their names. You can also type an Emoji here and see which celebrity it brings up.

Finding famous celebrities using Live Stories
If you are not an avid user of Snapchat, then it may benefit you to know that Live Stories are stories either submitted by users or curated by Snapchat. The stories stay live on the app for a period of 24 hours. When a live story is posted by a celebrity from an official account, you’ll see the celeb’s username clearly posted in the top left corner of your screen while the snap is playing. When you tap the username area, you’ll get a mini profile of the user and you can add him or her while the Live Story is still playing. However, the success of this trick depends on the availability of celebrity-posted stories on Live Stories. Good thing is that celebrities will always post stories to their fans.

Snapchat Celebrity Directories
One of the easiest ways of finding celebs on Snapchat is by using celebrity directories. Gone are the days when you had to scour your favorite celebrity’s Twitter account for their Snapchat username or give yourself the tedious task of asking around for days until you found someone who knows, for example, DJ Khaled’s snap ID. Today, there are directories that have usernames and official accounts of almost all famous people on Snapchat.
All you need to do is visit a directory with celebrity usernames, open the app on your phone, and then point it to the site’s snap code. You’ll get the snap code of the star you are looking for and you can simply add them by pressing on the screen until you get a pop up asking you to add the person.
The directory helps you to sort out fake accounts from real ones. You can count on the directory to give you genuine Snapchat accounts as it does a good job of scrutinizing celebrity posts through several categories to ensure the story is from a real account. The directories even provide additional services such KIK usernames and KIK users’ location too.

Whether you are looking for a celebrity’s Snapchat username or KIK usernames, all it takes is to go past your Snapchat login screen and follow the techniques we’ve discussed above. You’ll find celebrities and enjoy sharing their stories and photos. You never know, one day you may get a famous celebrity following you back.

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